TeleCense: Geo-localized population estimation


The demography inside emerging countries is a major issue with many impacts:

  • Economic: transport, water / sanitation, telecom, roads, …
  • Politics (stability), and infrastructure management
  • Environment: Climate impact, crisis management
  • Public health
  • Migration crisis: 1.3 billion people in the states from where refugees are coming
Classic solutions
  • Population Census: typically every 10 years
  • Civil registration: authenticate people
  • Estimations and projections from last census
Our value proposition

To create TeleCense web service, using free satellite images.


  • Footprint and characterization of builtup areas
  • Population estimation on a geographic or administrative area
  • Regular updates: 6 months

Previous demographic census data are not required.

TeleleCense is a web service, based on free satellite images provided by Copernicus. This service is hosted on the DIAS Sobloo platform.

TeleCense estimates the population by:

  • Identifying built-up footprint areas, using optical and radar images from Sentinel satellites.
  • Characterising settlement areas: surface, form, density
  • Estimating the population using these characteristics
  • Using external data: previous censuses, mobile data, geographic information systems, …

TeleCense will provide different levels of service / accuracy:

  • Automatic, using free image satellite (10m per pixel), and all available spectral bands (radar, IR, visible).
  • Expert analysis and better image resolution (< 5m per pixel).
  • On demand, high accuracy studies for specific requirement on a limited area.

Here is the video of service usage and the link to access it: