Dexelia-Scan scans the documents from a standalone application or even integrated into business applications, whether on PC, tablet or in a Web browserDexelia-Scan is compatible with many brands of scanners low, medium and high volumes (ex: Canon, Fujitsu, Kodak,…).

The application also allows to perform processing advanced on the images as well as a content indexing. It includes:

  • Ease of use: only the necessary functions are presented to operators. Scanning profiles are suitable for the job: CNI, invoice, pay slips,…
  • Deployment in many environments: thin client, TSE or Citrix
  • Many treatments of image are available: codes to bar 1 d and 2D, OCR full-page or zoned, clipping, recovery, reading, cutting, binarization, filtering,…
  • Compression: technology Pix2Pdf (ex. (: 59 KB instead of for a color 300 dpi A4 document 1050 KB)
  • Multi-format output: black & white TIFF G4, JPEG, PDF, PDF/A, with integration of the text and metadata
  • Communication with applications of Gol, CRM, CMS, CMIS, Web Services, Servlet…

Thick client Windows

  • Separation multi-level by patch codes, barcode, OCR zoned, or color, white pages…
  • Customizable indexing form: dynamic fields interfaced with databases, ability to write plugins for direct export to the business information system or not


Citrix / TSE

  • Identical to the standard heavy client or workstation ergonomics
  • The scanned images are compressed before transfer (regardless of the scanner)
  • Use of virtual channels (no configuration required)
  • Installation of a TSE/Citrix plugin on the client


  • Applet/ActiveX to embed in WEB page (not compatible Chrome)
  • Pure client light compatible all browsers, including IOS or Android Tablet
  • Treatments available as powerful as on heavy clients
  • Can be integrated directly into the Web business page, the PDF generated is submitted as a standard form field



Dexelia-Scan is available on Android and IOS. The application optimizes the capabilities of the camera depending on the lighting for optimal rendering. Today smartphones and recent tablets provide a resolution of 300 dpi on A4 and more on lower formats.

The operator is guided during the shooting to manage the sharpness, lighting, and the clipping of the document. After the shooting, the geometry of the document is corrected automatically, all the other image editors are also available.

Once installed, Dexelia-Scan is callable from all the applications on the Tablet, which can embed images as attachments, such as for example the mails or messages.


Stand-alone application: setting tools are available to set up:

  • Scanning tasks: profiles of scanning, separators, image processing,…
  • Related business functions buttons
  • Forms of indexation
  • The format, the naming for the export of digital images

SDK: for integration in the business application