Dexelia-Batch allows you to process a batch of documents or images in order to:

  • Convert the format of the input file,
  • Change the images contained in the documents: changing resolution, improved rendering, cutting, binarization, filtering, recovery, compression,…
  • Launch an (Tesseract, Omnipage, Finereader) OCR on the images to extract text, extract metadata,.
  • Read and interpret data files, associated with the images: XML, CSV,…
  • Produce files, images and data, compatible with business applications: Gol, CRM, DMS, Workflow,…

The principle is simple:

  • Dexelia-Batch scans one or several input directories
  • For each directory, Dexelia-Batch runs the treatments described in a Javascript file. This file can be created interactively by a 'Designer'.
  • Operation parameters can be saved in a text file external to the script of the treatments
  • The images and data, files are saved in an output directory


Dexelia-Batch can operate in a standalone application or as a service under Windows. Dexelia-Batch is also available for Linux (including OCR).


Inserted into a production line, Dexelia-Batch allows you to automatically perform tasks not covered by the standard applications.

Here are some example usage:

  • Pix2Pdf is a Dexelia-Batch version dedicated to the MRC compression with or without OCR
  • Anonymisation of the review by deleting copies of header
  • Extraction of data from subscribers to the paper directories
  • Conversion of files in PDF or PDF/A with OCR
  • Digital signature in PDF


Dexelia-Batch is provided in the form:

  • A stand-alone application in interactive mode and service
  • A SDK, can be integrated in an existing application in Java, .net or order online
  • MRC compression is an option
  • The OCR Omnipage and Finereader are in also in option
  • The recognition and automatic reading of documents are an option

Dexelia-Batch can be limited to a single script execution or be open to the entire library of treatment. Once formed, a provider of scanning, an integrator or a software publisher can create his own scripts.