Use color, but have an image close to the original document, keep all information, preserve the legibility and improve the comfort of reading.
The color is a valuable, if not essential asset for documents which include annotations, stamps, highlights, drawings, graphics or photos in colors such as letters, bills, good order, print administrative, good transport, technical documentation…
For a weight close to that of the black and white, the documents are compressed in their original resolution, preserving the quality of the texts and visuals. Pix2Pdf is designed to automate the compression of large volumes of documents in production lines.

  • Preserved visual quality
  • Reading comfort and readability by color
  • Dissemination and sharing of documents: PDF format used anywhere
  • Saving on storage space and network transfers
  • Quick reference on the Web, thanks to a small size and the linearization of the PDF
  • Thanks to the universal standard format PDF/A-2’s long-term digital archiving

Technical features:

  • Reduction of 10 to 90 times the size of original file, ex: 800 KB in Jpeg at 60 KB to 24 MB Bmp or Tiff (uncompressed) at 80 KB
  • Architecture 32 bits (less than the A3) or 64-bit (all formats), in Jpeg, Tiff and Pdf input file formats
  • Mixed Raster Content (MRC) technology: compliance with ISO / IEC 15444 – 6:2003
  • OCR treatment: recognition of Google’s Tesseract software with multilingual text, Nuance OmniPage or Abbyy FineReader
  • Available under Linux and Windows

Marketing: 25 000 pages/month with unlimited volume

Scan controller: running this integrated Pix2Pdf-Batch compression Profiles module in service mode (with or without OCR, compression level, etc.), export profiles, scripts customization (send mail, FTP, information system integration, etc.), limitation in number of CPUS allowed depending on the license

Application: Pix2Pdf-Pro is an application that allows to scan or import images files and compress them. Ideal for build quality files to transfer them by mail or download on the Internet.

SDK: Pix2Pdf-SDK allows the integration of the service into your application in JAVA, .NET and command line