DIGINOVE – The company

Although recently created, DIGINOVE  has already a long history.

In 1991, the ISO Informatique company was founded by Jean-Luc LELIEVRE in order to develop software solutions for space imaging and document capture. Quickly, the first contracts are signed with prestigious clients such as Spot Image, La Poste or France Telecom. ISO Informatique builds a reputation as experts in imaging software performance,  accuracy and high speed algorithms.

The team is formed around the founder and this team, except Jean-Luc LELIEVRE, is now part of DIGINOVE.

In 2005, ISO Informatique and Spigraph decided to create Pixelion, a subsidiary of Spigraph. The activity in the space and military domain continued, but Pixelion highlights efforts in editing software for document capture and launches the SpiFactory software suite, still distributed by Spigraph. The company worked for DGA, AIRBUS, BNF and many scanning outsourcing companies.

In 2008, Pixelion is absorbed by Spigraph and becomes its R&D entity. The development of SpiFactory is consolidated, for example with the realization of Pix2Pdf, compression software based on the MRC technology.

Today, software development is no longer at the heart of the business strategy of Spigraph and therefore the R&D team creates DIGINOVE, an independent company that owns the intellectual property of the software and sells under the brand Dexelia. DIGINOVE ensures the maintenance and support for existing customers. Spigraph is now a DIGONOVE distributor still under the SpiFactory brand.

Over 100 different customers now trust DIGINOVE skills, with more than 100 000 deployed licenses, mostly in bank agencies and for scanning outsourcing providers (BPO) .

DIGINOVE is currently developing its network of partners, especially with the DIGITECH company that integrates some components in its own line of products (digitization, ADP, ADR, EDM, Workflow). DIGINOVE provides a scanning component embedded on tablet or smartphone that supplements the DIGITECH range of mobile applications.

Finally, DIGINOVE improves its expertise in real-time image processing for:

  • on-board Optronics Systems (aircraft, helicopters, drones),
  • ground image processing systems for avionics (drone) or satellites.
  • databases management of large  geo-localized images, characterization and transfert over constraint networks (low rate, encryption).